Welcome To Make UK Moodle

To get access to the site you are going to need to register by creating an account with the a preferred contact email.  You will be receiving notification regarding; receipts for submissions, reminders from calendar entries, deadlines, blogs and messages so make sure this is an email you use to take advantage of these feature. Also, staff will use this contact you from time to time.

Once you have registered, your course manager will be able to given you access to the relevant pages within the site. To begin the process you will need to click on the 'How to... Moodle' word file on the home page under this document link. I have created this document to provide a step by step guide to registration. Please make sure to read each step to avoid complications. 

The document below is a step by step guide to creating a MAKEuk Moodle account. Once complete, you can be enrolled onto one of our Make UK Moodle courses.

If you have any concerns or question during your time at Make UK, please just speak to a member of staff or alternatively contact your department head. Reception staff will be able to guide you in in either building with be able to help locating there office.

 Academic Management Team

  • Technical Certificate Programme Leader: Paul Dodd (Hub) Head of all FE & HE programmes
  • Further Education Lead: Lee Harper-Edwards (TTC)
  • Higher Education Lead: Sadaquat Khan (Hub)

Workshop Management Team

  • Workshop Manager: Terry Paul (TTC) Head of workshop training on both sites
  • Senior Tutor: Adrian Knight (TTC)
  • Senior Tutor: Dan Stokes (HUB)
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